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Most moisturizers, from drugstore brands to high-end cosmeceuticals, are created by chemists in a laboratory. Ao Skincare is different. It is the personal project of Dr Mark Gray, a leading New Zealand Dermatologist. His clinical interactions with patients over the years has given him valuable insight into what is really needed to attain and maintain a healthy balanced skin.

Cold Processing
Conventional heating methods can damage the original molecular structure of the pure, natural and active ingredients. This happens because of a traditional 'blending' process called emulsification. During this process, the sensitive 'active' ingredients are heated up to 90˚C (194˚F) which impacts their ability to deliver anti-aging benefits to the skin. Cold processing not only maintains the integrity of our ingredients, the process itself uses less energy, therefore reduces our impact on the environment.

In addition to this, there’s a growing unease about the use of emulsifiers in skin care products. Cold processing minimises the use of emulsifiers, but preserves the ability to deliver a stable product. Read more

Treatments, not just moisturizers

What are moisturizers?
Moisturizers are usually mixtures (emulsions) of oil and water, which hinder water loss from the skin and other compounds such as humectants, which draw water from lower layers of the skin to the surface.  As you know, oil and water don’t mix but in skin care products, emulsions of oil and water are desired and are achieved, generally by the addition of particular emulsifying agents. Because they are added to the skin they are called exogenous moisturizing agents. 

Why moisturizers don’t stop aging?
An immediate benefit of exogenous moisturizing agents is that they make the skin more supple and plump. This effect is however temporary and should not be confused with long term biological changes associated with slowing or reversing the aging of the skin. Furthermore, the use of exogenous moisturizing compounds may have a negative feedback effect on the skin’s own moisturizing mechanisms. Importantly, emulsifying agents, which are helpful in the manufacturing of stable products, may have a harmful effect in the skin. This is because they continue to behave as emulsifying agents in the skin and increase the movement of the skin's own protective oils outwards, especially when the skin comes in contact with water. This is known as a 'wash out' effect. Ao Skincare works in a very different way, allowing the oils naturally occurring your skin to hydrate the skin, while we focus on reducing the signs of aging. Read more

Our 'treatment' moisturisers

Fortify Day
Luxurious and nutrient-rich, this moisturizer is cold-processed to ensure ingredients maximize their nourishing and conditioning qualities. 
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Night Treatment
Antioxidant and nutrient-rich, this hydrating night cream repairs, restores and conditions the skin
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"My skin felt soothed, nourished, and hydrated. After a few weeks of use I actually noticed a difference in my very dry skin. I do think it is worth the investment."


“This retinal product is having a magical effect. My skin is more radiant, feels silky but firm, and I can already see a reduction in surface lines.”


"If you're looking to amp up your skin care routine, Ao Skincare's Cold Processed serum is one of our faves. Manuka honey provides moisture retention, while the 3 vitamins firm the skin."