About Ao Skincare products

Q: Where can I find a full list of ingredients?
A: On the outer packaging of all Ao Skincare products there is a full list of ingredients. An ingredient list can also be downloaded from each product page.

Q: Are your products gluten free?
A: Yes.

Q: Do your products contain parabens?

A: None of the Ao Skincare products contain parabens, sulfates, PEGS, TEA, DEA, mineral oils, EDTA or fragrance.

Q: Do you test your products on animals?
A: No. We are Leaping Bunny and PETA certified.

Q: How do you preserve your formulations?
A: Ao Skincare products are contained in airless pump containers to reduce unnecessary oxidation that is caused by exposure to air. This helps to preserve the delicate formulas for longer.

Q: Do your products contain fragrance?
A: No, there is no added fragrance in our formulas.

Q: Why is the serum a different color and texture?
A: The formula is water based, so it has a more liquid consistency. The color is derived from the natural ingredients contained in it.

Q: Is your sunscreen chemical or natural?
A: Ao Skincare 6000X ELEMENTAL SCREEN is a natural sunscreen. It contains zinc oxide as the active ingredient broad spectrum sunblock. Other than being natural, the benefit is that it reflects the sun, as opposed to a chemical sunscreen that absorbs the sun’s rays causing premature aging.

Q: Where do I find the expiration date on the products?
A: The manufacture date is found on the bottom of the outer box. 

Q: Where can I find answers to questions regarding a specific product?
A: There is information about each product on the Ao Skincare website. Alternatively, please ask your skin care consultant or contact the Ao Skincare team:

Application of Ao Skincare products

Q: Should I be using the whole Ao Skincare range or is it ok to mix and match?
A: The Ao Skincare product range is designed to work together to give your skin everything it needs to restore and repair its natural balance. That said, there are no hard and fast rules – your skin care consultant may choose to recommend other products for other concerns not addressed by the Ao Skincare range. 

Q: How do I choose the products that are right for me?
A: It depends on what your requirements are. If you are in doubt, please ask your skincare consultant or contact the Ao Skincare team:

Q: In what order do I apply the products?
A: For maximum product effectiveness, please follow the application instructions on each container, or refer to the instructions provided for each product on the Ao Skincare website.

Q: Are the products OK to use on my sensitive skin?
A: Yes, Ao Skincare products have been tested on humans with sensitive skin with no negative effects. However, it is always advisable to patch test a new product first. If you think you are having a reaction please discontinue use and drop us a line to let us know.

Q: Can I use the products around my eyes?
A: The area around the eye is very sensitive and differs from person to person. You shouldn’t have any trouble using the cleanser to wash off eye makeup. For the other products it’s always good to patch test on the skin first and if OK then apply a light amount to temples and cheek bones, being careful never to put product on the eyelids or the skin close to the eyeball.

Q: Are the products OK to use after an appearance procedure?
A: This would depend on the procedure – please ask your skincare consultant.

Q: Are the products safe to use during pregnancy?
A: Yes, all Ao Skincare products are safe during pregnancy except we recommend not using the REVERSE LONGITUDE SERUM-SHOT that contains Retinal.

Q: I am in my 20’s –  do I need to use the full range?
A: A person in this age group would not generally need to use a Retinal product or a Serum, however it would only be beneficial, should you want to try them.

Q: How long before I can expect to see results?
A: You should see an improvement in tone and texture after 1 week and you should start to see a reduction in fine lines after 4-6 weeks. 92% of people who tested Ao Skincare products noticed a positive change to their skin after 4 weeks.

Other Questions

Q: Why is there no toner in the range?
A: We believe it would be superfluous as we have included lactic acid as an exfoliator in the RAW NURTURE PM TREATMENT.

Q: Why is there no eye cream in the range?
A: The concept of Ao Skincare was to be a simple set of 6 core products. The products are also safe to use around the eyes (apply a light amount to temples and cheek bones), being careful never to put product (excluding the GLACIAL MELTING CLEANSER) on the eyelids or the skin close to the eyeball. We always recommend to patch test on the skin first, especially for those who have sensitive skin.

Q: How do I give feedback on the products?
A: There is a place to write reviews on the Ao Skincare website on each product page – we welcome all feedback. Alternatively, you can contact the Ao Skincare team direct: 

"My skin felt soothed, nourished, and hydrated. After a few weeks of use I actually noticed a difference in my very dry skin. I do think it is worth the investment."


“This retinal product is having a magical effect. My skin is more radiant, feels silky but firm, and I can already see a reduction in surface lines.”


"If you're looking to amp up your skin care routine, Ao Skincare's Cold Processed serum is one of our faves. Manuka honey provides moisture retention, while the 3 vitamins firm the skin."