Is Your Sunscreen Kind to the Planet?

Source: Is Your Sunscreen Killing Coral Reefs? by Catharine Cooper, TOF Board of Advisor


Today’s sunscreens belong to two major categories: physical and chemical.

  • Physical sunscreens contain tiny minerals that act as a shield deflecting the sun’s rays.
  • Chemical sunscreens use synthetic compounds that absorb UV light before it reaches the skin.

The problem is these protectorates wash off in the water. For example, for every 10,000 visitors enjoying the waves, about 4 kilograms of mineral particles wash into the beach each day. (1)

That may seem relatively small, but these minerals catalyze the production of hydrogen peroxide, a well-known bleaching agent, at a concentration high enough to harm coastal marine organisms.

One of key ingredients in most chemical sunscreens is oxybenzone, a synthetic molecule known to be toxic to corals, algae, sea urchins, fish and mammals. A single drop of this compound in more than 4 million gallons of water is enough to endanger organisms.

An estimated 14,000 tons of sunscreen is believed to be deposited in oceans annually with the greatest damage found in popular reef areas such as Hawaii and the Caribbean. 

You can read more about this study and the impact of chemical sunscreens on the planet here


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