How To Make Your Skin Look Perfect Before a Big Night Out

Before a big night out, every girl wants her skin to look absolutely perfect. But trying to achieve a clear, glowing complexion after a busy week at work is not always easy, specially when stress gets in the way of sleep and relaxation.

Looking your best before your special night out is not only about nailing your outfit and makeup, but also about looking healthy, refreshed and relaxed. As a rule of thumb you should spend as much time, if not more, prepping your skin as applying makeup. Follow these tips to ensure your skin is clean and well nourished before you begin to apply your makeup.

Cleanse your skin

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Even though it seems logical to choose a grainy, astringent cleanser to completely remove all grease and dirt from your skin, if you go too harsh you're only making the problem worse. Your skin's natural response when it's stripped is to produce more oil.

My favourite cleanser is Glacial Melting Cleanser. With a unique gel, oil/water composition and low level of surfactants, this cleanser works to clean your skin without stripping it of its natural oils. It provides a gentle but deep cleansing, ensuring that your skin is ready for the many layers to follow.

Get an instant facelift

The next step in your skin preparation involves hydrating your skin with a natural face mask. One of my favourite masks is this homemade Manuka honey and cinnamon mask. It’s the perfect blend of vitamins B, C and live enzymes. This mask will give you an extra boost of hydration to eliminate the appearance of dullness and give your skin an instant refreshed look.

Leave it on for 15 minutes while you enjoy a pre-party cocktail or a large glass of water, and rinse it clean. This mask is suited for all skin types, even the delicate one.

Moisturize your skin

No matter how expensive your makeup or how perfect your technique is, if your skin isn't prepped properly, you won’t achieve that perfect look you’ve been dreaming of. Hydration is not only the secret to your foundation looking flawless, but you’ll end up needing less foundation and concealer after all.

I highly recommend Raw Nourish AM Treatment as an under makeup layer. This lightweight formula absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling soft and nurtured. It doesn't feel greasy and it’s packed with anti-aging ingredients.

Use a natural primer

A natural primer is a great addition to your skin care routine because it will help you form a protective barrier, which is particularly important if you aren’t using natural products. Primers not only provide a base for makeup by can also help you smooth fine lines and wrinkles, mask pores, correct discolouration and reduce oiliness or dryness.

When selecting a primer for your skin, consider your skin type or any problems that you may be facing. For example, if you have oily or acne prone skin, look for a primer that has mattifying benefits and an emphasis on oil control. Or if your skin is feeling a little tired or dehydrated, go for an illuminating primer.

I normally use Raw Nourish AM Treatment as a primer due to its lightweight formula. This moisturizer is extremely hydrating, helping to create an even canvas for long-lasting foundation coverage. Made with natural essential oils, following cold processing practices, Ao Skincare Fortify will leave your skin looking nourished and hydrated before you go on to apply your foundation.

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