Hydrate Your Skin with the Purest Water from Wild New Zealand Forests

Around 60% of your body is made up of water, with much of it entering and leaving via your skin. So does it matter what type of water you ingest through skincare products? - We believe it does. 

Nearly all skincare products are made with water - many formulations are up to 80 percent! A quick look at your skincare labels will likely reveal 'aqua' as one of the top ingredients in the list. 

In skincare formulations, water acts as solvent or carrier to deliver powerful raw active ingredients to the skin. Some ingredients, like tea extracts and fruit acids, are hydrophilic, meaning they’re most effective mixed with water. 

But many skincare products use treated water (‘tap water’) that has been distilled to remove any chemicals. This has the advantage of being convenient and easy to manage as an industrial process. But the result is water that’s devoid of beneficial trace minerals. 

In skincare, you often get what you pay for. This is because finding the right ingredients is both time and research intensive - especially if these ingredients are harvested from remote environments or developed by scientists in a lab. 

New Zealand Mountain Filtered Artesian Water

The New Zealand wild is one of the world’s most unique and unpolluted environments, where native plant species have evolved and diversified in geographic isolation over tens of millions of years.

More than 10,000 protected areas cover almost a third of the country, safeguarding stunning scenery, important ecosystems, and places of historic and scientific value. It's a wild and fresh environment with species found nowhere else on Earth.


Video source: Nat Geo Wild 

This pristine environment is the source of Ao Skincare’s nontoxic, active botanicals that feature across our skincare range. Our ingredients are pure and potent, and sustainably harvested with great care for the wilderness. 

New Zealand Mountain Filtered Artesian Water - the source of Ao Skincare water - can be found deep beneath a virgin Kauri forest reserve in the far north of New Zealand. The low population and the lack of local industry has resulted in water of rare purity.

Kauri Springs New Zealand mineral water is extracted directly from a pristine aquifer in “Kaiwaka”, deep beneath the untouched Mt Pukekaroro Reserve in the far North of New Zealand. The surrounding countryside is covered by virgin forest, ensuring a 100% pure and natural environment.


A few facts:

  • Local and international analysis has determined that Kauri Springs water is one of the finest spring waters in the world.
  • Daily analysis conducted by R.J. Hill Laboratories Ltd. in New Zealand validates that Kauri Springs water is extremely pure with various mineral elements including a high concentration of silica and very low nitrate levels.
  • Kauri Springs water consistently meets the requirements of MPI and international standards in export markets.


As with all of our ingredients, our New Zealand Mountain Filtered Artesian Water is sustainably extracted. It is then filtered and supplied directly to Ao for use in our skincare range. 

Ao Skincare New Sets 

Featuring New Zealand Mountain Filtered Artesian Water

Native Core 

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A complete LO-MO™ treatment for your skin’s daily hydration needs — without a single drop of synthetic chemicals.

Skin concerns:
- Sun Damage
- Uneven Skin Tone
- Dryness
- Thinning Skin 


A high active, low moisture botanical blend doesn’t just layer on moisture for temporary gain – it naturally supports your skin’s ability to produce and maintain its own hydration. Learn More.


An antioxidant and nutrient-rich night blend that hydrates, exfoliates and stimulates collagen production. Repairs, restores and conditions to make skin stronger and more fit. Learn More.

Skin types: All skin types
Ages: Any age
Size: 2X 1 fl oz / 30ml
Guarantee: 60-day, money back
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Dynamic Layer  

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A supercharged Retinal night serum boosted with a peptide-rich day serum to restore cellular function and reverse signs of aging.

Skin concerns:
- Fine Lines & Wrinkles
- Reduced Elasticity
- Skin Roughness
- Dryness
- Red Blotchiness
- Hyperpigmentation


A vitamin and nutrient-rich shot for undernourished skin. Revitalise and strengthen your dynamic boundary with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that help restore cellular function. Learn More.


An antioxidant-infused hit of Retinal that helps to reduce the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. Learn More.

Skin types: All skin types 
Ages: Any age
Size: 2X 1 fl oz / 30ml
Guarantee: 60-day, money back
Delivery: Free 

Buy now for $165.00 USD - boost collagen for less than $20 per week (plus free delivery).


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