Beauty Essentials Spotlight on 6000X Elemental Screen with SPF 30

What is 6000X Elemental Screen with SPF 30?

6000X Elemental Screen with SPF 30 is a broad spectrum sunscreen, formulated using UV protectant Zinc Oxide - a natural alternative to chemical sunscreen - and fortified with antioxidants - New Zealand Red Algae, Totarol and Niacinamide.

Made with clean standards and ambitious performance goals in mind, this cream-to-sheer multifunctional lotion simultaneously protects skin from all types of environmental stress (UVA, UVB and oxidative damage) – while helping repair the skin from oxidative damage with New Zealand Red Algae (Astaxanthin), a super-antioxidant up to 6000x stronger than Vitamin C.

Skin Concerns and Key Ingredients

6000X Elemental Screen with SPF 30 targets three main skin concerns:

+ UVA, UVB and Oxidative Damage

Protects skin from all types of environmental stress

A powerful combination of active ingredients protect skin by blocking UV rays while helping prevent the oxidative damage that occurs after the skin is exposed to UVA rays.

Zinc Oxide - A proven natural, 
non-sensitizing and safe UV block.

Red Algae (Astaxanthin) - It’s the most powerful natural antioxidant known – 6000x stronger than Vitamin C. Helps prevent the oxidative damage to skin after exposure to UVA rays.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) - Helps prevent skin aging, dryness, acne, rosacea, uneven skin tone and skin cancer.

Ferulic Acid - Helps prevent the propagation of free radicals, while protecting skin from sun damage.

+ Repair Dry Skin

Optimize skin's function

Mānuka Honey - A naturally bioactive, anti-microbial compound that nourishes and draws precious moisture deep into the skin, while encouraging rapid tissue repair.

+ Restore Skin’s Balance

Retain the skin’s natural oils

Harakeke Seed Oil - Contains fatty acids that are attributed with repairing, moisturizing and soothing damaged skin.

Who is it for?

This formulation is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. Zinc oxide is better tolerated by people with skin sensitives - that’s why it’s often used in sunscreens for babies and children.

Free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, EDTA or fragrance, this environmental sunscreen has been formulated using only nontoxic ingredients that have been cold processed to retain their potency.

How to use it

  • Apply a thick layer of sunscreen on your face - use at least a tablespoon.
  • Clean and dry your skin before putting on your sunscreen.
  • Use it daily - the majority of sun exposure is casual and incidental.


To get the maximum benefits from this sunscreen, Dr Gray recommends pairing it with Peak Strength AM Serum-Shot, Raw Nurture PM Treatment and Reverse Longitude PM Serum-Shot.

What to expect

The cream feels silky smooth to the touch and can even work as a primer for makeup. Full of antioxidants, this nourishing formula is one of the few sunscreens that you will want to wear everyday. Lightweight and non-greasy, it pairs perfectly with your favorite serum and moisturizer.

6000X Elemental Screen with SPF 30 is EWG VERIFIED™ and has received many glowing independent reviews.

“Right off, I want to say that from a cosmetic and comfort perspective, this is the best sunscreen that I have ever encountered.” INDEPENDENT REVIEW


EWG VERIFIED™6000X Elemental Screen with SPF 30 is already available online, at $45. For more information on this sunscreen, please visit


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