Urban Milan's Mother's Day Gift Guide

Ao Skincare's Raw Nourish AM Treatment recently featured in Urban Milan's Mother's Day Gift Guide. Read on to get the details of the coverage. 


Give Mom the gift of hydration with the Ao Skin Care Raw Nourish AM Treatment. This high active, low moisture botanical blend does not just layer on moisture- it naturally supports the skin’s ability to produce and maintain its own hydration. This is perfect for all skin types at any age! 


It's never too late to get a present for mom. Buy the Raw Nourish AM Treatment for only $65 or pair it with the Raw Nurture PM Treatment and get it delivered for free. 

More about Raw Nourish AM Treatment

This supercharged AM treatment has been formulated to: 

+ Protect

  • Red Algae (Astaxanthin) - It’s the most powerful natural antioxidant known – 6000x stronger than Vitamin C. Helps prevent the oxidative damage to skin after exposure to UVA rays.
  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) - Helps prevent skin aging, dryness, acne, rosacea, uneven skin tone and skin cancer.
  • Ferulic Acid - Helps prevent the propagation of free radicals, while protecting skin from sun damage.

+ Hydrate naturally
Sodium Hyaluronate - Hydrates by activating the skin's own natural moisturizing factors.

+ Fight oxidative stress
Totarol - A powerful antioxidant that helps reduce oxidative stress and free-radical damage to the skin.

+ Repair
Mānuka Honey - A naturally bioactive, anti-microbial compound that nourishes and draws precious moisture deep into the skin, while encouraging rapid tissue repair.

+ Retain the skin’s natural oils
Harakeke Seed Oil - Contains fatty acids that are attributed with repairing, moisturizing and soothing damaged skin.

The science behind LO-MO™

Ao uses a radically different approach to hydration – instead of slathering moisture on the surface of skin, our LO-MO™ treatments work below the surface to optimize skin function but stimulating your body's Self Moisturizing Factors. As a result, balance is restored to your skin's barrier allowing our powerful active ingredients to be more effective.

Dr. Gray has seen that it takes 2-3 weeks for patients to see the results of resetting their skin to moisturise in a different way. But once they see the change, they never turn back. 

Ao's Native Core set

  • Raw Nourish AM Treatment: This Lo-Mo™ daytime treatment naturally hydrates, brings balance and adds radiance. It's a high active, low moisture botanical blend doesn’t just layer on moisture for temporary gain – it naturally supports the skin’s ability to produce and maintain its own hydration. It balances and restores skin back to its native state of health. Learn more about this product's formula and ingredients.
  • Raw Nurture PM Treatment: This Lo-Mo™ night-time treatment is an antioxidant and nutrient-rich night blend that hydrates and stimulates collagen production. It helps repair, restore and condition skin to make it stronger and more fit, and softens the appearance of lines around the eyes and forehead. Learn more about this product's formula and ingredients.


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