Ao Skincare Receives Three Nominations and One Award at the 2019 Beauty Industry Awards

By Lucy Whitehouse | Cosmetics Design Europe 

We reveal the winners of this year’s Beauty Industry Awards, honouring some of the best innovations in the formulation and ingredients arena, and the leading independent beauty brands. The awards, organised by Cosmetics Design, span a total of ten categories in 2019: five directly related to ingredient and formulation innovation, while the other five categories are showcasing the products that are driving the indie beauty market.

This week, alongside the in-cosmetics Global trade event, Cosmetics Design hosted our annual Beauty Industry Awards ceremony to announce the winners for 2019. And they are…


CATEGORY: Best Indie Skin Care

Ao Skincare triumphed across the board in this indie skin care category, with three of its products taking the three top spots as finalists.

WINNER: Glacial Melting Cleanser  

Cleansers can often dry out your skin. This is usually due to the high level of surfactant (soap) contained in the formulation. Ao's low-soap formula cleans deeply and gently to remove dirt and makeup while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture levels – so skin feels soft, hydrated and fresh.

Formulated to:

+ Dissolve Impurities
Coconut Oil - Aids in cleansing environmental pollutants from the skin’s surface.

+ Retain the skin’s natural oils
Harakeke Seed Oil & Kiwi Seed Oil - Fatty acids that repair and help maintain the natural balance of your skin.

+ Re-balance and refresh
98% surfactant free so no tight, dry feeling after use.


New Zealand Red Algae - 6000x stronger than Vitamin C

If you want to use the most powerful skincare available, it makes sense then to use one containing the most powerful natural antioxidant known. New Zealand Red Algae protects cells from oxidation and reduces sun damage, wrinkles, age spots and freckles.

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FINALIST: Raw Nourish PM Treatment

This Lo-Mo™ nighttime treatment is an antioxidant and nutrient-rich night blend that hydrates and stimulates collagen production. Repairs, restores and conditions to make the skin stronger and more fit. Softens the appearance of lines around the eyes and forehead.

Formulated to:

+ Protect

Red Algae (Astaxanthin) - It’s the most powerful natural antioxidant known – 6000x stronger than Vitamin C. Helps prevent the oxidative damage to skin after exposure to UVA rays.

+ Natural retinol alternative
Bakuchiol - All the benefits of Retinal with none of the typical sensitivities. 

+ Hydrate naturally
Sodium Hyaluronate - Hydrates by activating the skin's own natural moisturizing factors.

+ Fight oxidative stress
Totarol - A powerful antioxidant that helps reduce oxidative stress and free-radical damage to the skin.

+ Repair
Mānuka Honey - A naturally bioactive, anti-microbial compound that nourishes and draws precious moisture deep into the skin, while encouraging rapid tissue repair.

+ Condition
Palmitoyl Tripeptide-37 - Increases the rate 
of skin healing and renewal, while slowing the thinning of aging skin.

+ Retain the skin’s natural oils
Harakeke Seed Oil - Contains fatty acids that are attributed with repairing, moisturizing and soothing damaged skin.


Bakuchiol - The natural alternative to Vitamin A

Use our Vitamin A booster day and night. Ao Skincare contains Bakuchiol, which acts as a booster to Retinal and at same time protects your skin from the potential side effects of Retinal including sun sensitivity. Studies show:

  • 20% reduction in wrinkle depth
  • 40% improvement in skin elasticity
  • 90% improvement in skin roughness 

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FINALIST: Reverse Longitude PM Serum Shot 

An antioxidant-infused hit of Retinal that can be used both day and night. This powerful form of Vitamin A that includes Bakuchiol sloughs away dead skin cells and stimulates collagen production – helping to reduce the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

Formulated to:

+ Stimulate new collagen production 
Retinal (Retinaldehyde) - A stronger form of Retinol, it renews and regenerates skin cells, stimulates new collagen production, increases skin elasticity and reduces trans-epidermal water loss.

+ Boost Retinal
Bakuchiol - All the benefits of Retinal with none of the typical sensitivities. When combined with Retinal, it boosts its effectiveness.

+ Protect
Red Algae (Astaxanthin) - It’s the most powerful natural antioxidant known. It provides potent rejuvenation benefits.

The Science:

  • R - Retinaldehyde: We use a stronger form of Retinol called Retinaldehyde - it's not just stronger, it's better tolerated on 
the skin.
  • A - Algae: New Zealand Red Algae (Astaxanthin) protects the Retinal from oxidation and degradation, while UV stabilizing the product for day and night use.
  • B - Bakuchiol: Plant-based Bakuchiol has the benefits of Vitamin A without the typical associated side effect profile – plus it boosts the function of the Retinal.
  • C - Cold Processing: In typical skincare, heating up to 198˚F during the ‘emulsification process’ is normal. Ao uses Cold Processing to blend formulations to retain the raw power.


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